Article #3: Bits on Crumbing
Article #3: Basic Crumbing Tactics

Crumbing is the art of hinting at your role in a way that is not meant to be found, but credible once you point out the crumb. Utilizing a pattern in your post/posts to spell out your role and/or flavor is the typical method used to crumb.

This differs from soft-claiming (softing) in that softing is hinting at a power role that is meant to be spotted by other players without having to spell out your specific role where it is apparent to all.

Crumb Utility

If you rand a power role, you might want to crumb early in the game to lend the claim legitimacy if you have to claim before your death. This way, you are less likely to have your claim doubt cast as a scum fake-claim because scum fake-claims are typically fabricated in the moment, or after the game has developed to a point where scum can tell which claims might be believable.

Also, an early crumb can aid you in counterclaiming if someone else (typically scum) attempts to claim your role when they are being wagoned.

However, you need to be careful how you crumb your role because you don't want the crumb to be too obvious or scum might see it and kill you.

Sample Crumbing Methods
(Note: Do not color the letters of your role when you crumb. They are only colored here for increased visibility, which you do not want when you are in a game.)

1. The first letter of each paragraph within the same post.

Quote:If I had to guess, I'd say shortaru is scum.

All he has done is meme & lolcat. There has been no scumhunting in his ISO at all.

Maybe I'd feel better about his posting if I was more familiar with his meta.

Can anyone tell me if he's like this as town?

Of course, if House flips scum, shortaru is most likely town because they are never scum together. 

Probably more willing to vote House, but shortaru is definitely on my radar.

This is, perhaps, the most basic method of crumbing. It is also fairly easy to spot in comparison to the other methods listed below.

2. The first letter of the post for consecutive posts.

Quote:Maybe we should give the low posters a little more time to get invested in the game before pressuring them since they're both new.

Quote:Arapocalypse pinged me with that weird entry. Definitely a slot keep an eye on.

I'm also suspicious of Phighter.

Quote:Should we wagon AnimalMidwife to get her talking more? She's been awfully quiet.

Quote:Oh no... how do we already have a claimed PR on D1???

Can people not crack like a pecan over a couple votes, please?

Quote:No, I believe his claim. It's just annoying that he outed it under such light pressure.

This method is almost as basic as the first, but it does not stand out quite as much. That said, it is still easily spotted in ISO if crumb hunters are looking for it.

3. Embedded crumbing.

Quote:My bad, dog. Of course I can't do that. Too bad. Forgive me?
In this example, every sixth letter spells out "doctor". 

Quote:Pick a wagon between Garden Gnome & Aldo.

Drop a vote in your next post with reasons, or we'll just lynch you in an EoD CFD for sidelining.

Or, provide your own scumspect to lynch with a case to support it.

Those are your choices.

In this example, the third letter of the first three paragraphs spells out "cop".

This method requires a higher level of creativity, but it is much harder to spot.

Important note: If you are going to use the embedded crumbing method, it is crucial to maintain a pattern the other players can follow to retain credibility because anyone can highlight random letters in a post and claim it's a crumb.

Method Variants

Reverse Crumbing - By utilizing the methods above but spelling your role backward, it can be harder for crumb hunters to spot. 

Scrambled Crumbing - Mixing up the letters of your role in your crumb can make it extremely difficult to spot. However, it also makes it difficult to believe as a crumb and making a mistake in the pattern of the crumb will undermine your credibility.

Cliff's Notes
  • Crumbing is not meant to be noticeable until you point out the crumb, but players should be able to easily identify the crumb after it is pointed out.
  • Crumbing is different from soft-claiming (softing).
  • Do not format the letters in your crumb any differently from the rest of your post. Subterfuge is your friend.
  • There are many ways to crumb, but it is vital to maintain a pattern in order to retain credibility because anyone can point at random letters and claim it's a crumb.
  • Crumbing early lends your inevitable claim additional credibility.
Everybody Lies.
Good article! Thanks, House :]

Just one note though: A lot of game hosts have this as their rule that "Do not use codes in game"

That means you can crumb but you can't have a pre-game defined code with another slot in-game to post messages in a way only they can understand.
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