Poll: When do you want this game to start and how long do you want the phases be?
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December 3, 36/12
3 11.54%
December 3, 72/24
3 11.54%
December 10 36/12
4 15.38%
December 10, 72/24
5 19.23%
December 17, 36/12
5 19.23%
December 17, 72/24
6 23.08%
Total 26 vote(s) 100%
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Overwatch Mafia
fuck it /in

gotta do it for an fa game
(11-28-2018, 05:24 AM)LordQuas Wrote: Dodgy
do you ever do any game justice tho

The fact that I even got a response like this practically proves it baby.
(11-24-2018, 04:14 PM)Frozen Angel Wrote: People who are currently signed up! Do you have any issues with December 17th start date with 72 hours day phase? It seems the most popular option.

It's doable because I'm in a Hydra, so as long as Nancy is ok with that, I will keep my /in.
Townier than thou.
slank cover btw
Everyone Smile

This game will start tomorrow at 8:30 pm in UTC.

The game has 24 hours picking phase that I'll explain tomorrow and it will have a 72/12 deadline.

You can still sign up for this game until an hour before the picking phase.

I will run another overwatch mafia next year that will include all the heroes in one game but I explain that when we're closer to that time ^^

Also after this game mafiarena will get an official queue and everyone will be able to host games here.

False tears bring pain to those around you
False smile brings pain to one's self
(11-17-2018, 08:43 PM)Frozen Angel Wrote:

Overwatch Mafia

Mafiarena was built to become a great and enjoying place for entertainment and fun. The idea is to have a website solely dedicated to forum mafia games, with an interface that makes hosting and playing an easy and fun experience.  To kick things off, Mafiarena is hosting an Overwatch flavored, single ball, role madness 29er, 12/12, to start December 10th. It will be the first real test on all the main website functions  Angel

Game details:

Game Name  Overwatch Mafia
Game Tags  Large - Role Madness - Single Ball - Not Bastard - Not Traditional
Number of players  29
Starting Date  December 10 2018
Game phases length  Days 36 hours, Night 12 hours

Mafia will have a permanent chat over discord. All other possible private chats between players will be on discord.

This game has Non-Traditional Mechanics!

> Play the mid-day events, secure objectives and get ultimate charges
> Combine your ability and make weird stuff happen
> All ultimate abilities will have a public notification when they are going to happen

Join the first game of Mafiarena now by posting /in in this thread! Smile

1- Kanji
2- Narna
3- Kiana Kaslana
4- El Drewablo (hydra of El-arairah and Nancy Drew 39)
5- NotACop
6- Gamma Emerald
7- LordQuas
8- iaafr
9- thebluecupcake

1- sheepsaysmeep

Forgot the hydra name, I needed to create.  Big Grin
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